Huawei launches Wi-Fi 7 in Bangladesh

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Staff Reporter :   Huawei has launched a range of Wi-Fi 7 Access Point (AP) products in Bangladesh. This is the first launch of APs under Wi-Fi 7 in Bangladesh. These products are capable of delivering best features to businesses of all sizes to achieve maximum connectivity with seamless network flow.


At an event recently in Cox’s bazar, Allen Liu, Vice President and Managing Director, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei South Asia; Victor Lapian, Network CTO and Principal Architect, Huawei APAC; Manfred Cai, Director, Enterprise Network Solution Sales, Huawei South Asia; Mirza Md Anjamul Bashed (Maruf), Network Solution Director, Data communication Network Solution BU, Huawei South Asia have introduced six different products to support the diversified business needs in Bangladesh. Education, manufacturing including warehouse and product lines, and metaverse related industries can be greatly benefited with these products by improving the experience of AR/VR education, Automatic Optical Inspectionetc. This can also promote Bangladesh’s digital transformation.


The products include advanced features like Multi-RU per user & Multi-Link Operation (MLO) which can provide lower latency and high reliability than previous generations. These products also offer three times more bandwidth, supports four times more users, and ensures ten times more reliability than Wi-Fi 6 Products, while providing zero eavesdropping on Wi-Fi data.

Allen Liu said, “The ICT sector of Bangladesh is advancing towards embracing the latest technologies. Huawei’s is committed to support the market needs with advanced and innovative products. That is why we have launched Wi-Fi 7 in Bangladesh. Wi-Fi 7 is not just a step forward; it is a leap into a future where connectivity is seamless, reliable, and incredibly fast.”

The six devices are AirEngine 5773-21, AirEngine 5773-22P, AirEngine 5773-23H, AirEngine 5773-23HW, AirEngine 5776-26, AirEngine 6776-56TP. These are variant in terms of bandwidth capacity, smart antennas etc. The AirEngine 6776-56TP works great in densely populated scenarios like offices, schools, and stadiums. The AirEngine 5776-26, AirEngine 5773-23H, 5773-23HW AirEngine 5773-22P & AirEngine 5773-21 ideal for indoor coverage scenarios such as SMB workplaces, higher education institutions, and hospitals.

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