MWCS 2024: Huawei Embraces Commercial 5G-A for the Mobile AI Era  

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Staff Reporter :  Huawei is attending MWC Shanghai 2024 under the banner of “Advancing the Intelligent World” and offering “Commercial 5G-A Experience Tours”. At its booth, Huawei is showcasing its latest products and solutions that support both commercial 5G-A (Advance) deployment and AI (Artificial Intelligence) devices required for the mobile AI era.


Huawei has also announced that it has successfully reached six separate consensuses with pioneering 5G-A operators from around the world, and launched a joint initiative for high-quality mobile video development in the AI era alongside global operators, industry customers, and other relevant organizations. Over the next three days, Huawei is expected to meet with global operators and other industry players to discuss the development paths for F5G-A and Net5.5G.


In a keynote speech titled “Accelerating 5G-A and Shaping the Mobile AI Era” Huawei’s Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board David Wang said, “2024 marks the beginning of the mobile AI era thanks to the commercial launch of 5G-A and other AI devices. These technologies will be the key to making intelligent services ubiquitous. This era will transform not only human-machine interaction, but also content production and mobile devices, and will revitalize society and create opportunities for the mobile industry. At Huawei, we will continue to accelerate 5G-A development from both the ‘Networks for AI’ and the ‘AI for Networks’ perspectives to create new business value.”

The number of global 5G users has exceeded 1.8 billion, and many operators have already seen the first wave of benefits from 5G. Consumer services like New Calling, cloud phones, and glasses-free 3D have many higher network requirements, such as higher speed and lower latency. In terms of industrial services, the RedCap ecosystem has matured, passive IoT is now available to an even broader market, and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) applications require higher uplink speeds.

Leading operators around the world are already looking to capitalize on 5G-A. More than 30 operators have already completed 5G-A technical verification. There are nearly 20 mobile phone models on the market that can currently support multi-carrier aggregation, with a number of them supporting activating the feature by default. Around 10 operators have also already announced commercial 5G-A plans, which include the launch of 5G-A packages and other related services.

Together with global operators, industry professionals, and opinion leaders, Huawei will dive into exciting topics at this year’s MWC Shanghai, like how to amplify 5G’s success in the 5.5G era and how to tap into the potential of operator revenue growth to bring us even faster to the intelligent world.

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